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3183 Wilshire Blvd Ste #196D10
90010 Los Angeles
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Shawn and Omar are very responsive & always helpful!
11 maanden geleden
I accidentally changed the settings on our security system over the weekend. I expected to wait for a response but the got back to me Monday morning and corrected the issue, NO CHARGE!!
11 maanden geleden
Apparently Shawn makes his own cctv cameras. During our conversation he was pretty upset when I told him that I want a specific camera and would pay for the installation. Its a fairly simple concept, I think. If I'm looking for a camera and want to purchase it (even through him), i should be able to do so and would pay for the installation. There is no magic in cameras and digital systems. They either work or don't. But Shawn disagrees, he won't work with you if you don't buy his cameras. To his defense, its not just Shawn that does this. The security camera industry in LA is joke. I had to call a dozen retailers and only a handful would order your desired cameras and install it. Its all smoke and mirrors and as customers we want transparency. Thanks Shawn for knowing better but not all industries are oblivious.
11 maanden geleden