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For many years we were buying products from Indonesian
subcontractors. We were trying to find the best models, we were changing our offer and through experiments we were looking for the best solutions. With our European tastes and expectations we struggled to find products in Indonesia we really wanted. Even when we found partners offering us good quality goods we faced issues with the service or guarantee that what we received was exactly the same as what we had ordered and had paid for. We were a link between Indonesian producers and our customers in Poland, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Sweden. It was a very hard job to match what Indonesian producers offered with what we and our European clients expected. Eventually we understood that we would be able to offer our clients excellent products and service only when we had full control of the whole process and produced the goods ourselves. That’s how it all started. We visited various places in Indonesia. We talked to the producers and visited their workshops as well as participating in Trade Shows. We were the able to choose the best specialists who had worked with stone goods for years. We found where the best stones originated from and when we put all the pieces of the puzzle together we were able to start our own production. We knew what we wanted and what our clients in Europe expected. Based on this and our resources in Indonesia we are now able to offer our clients World class quality products made from the finest stones by skilled craftsmen. Our products undergo Quality Control inspection and are made according to the European standards of quality. Our products are the only ones in Indonesia that posses CE certification and other certifications as well as multiple awards. We achieved all of these thanks to the precision our products are made with. We conduct our business with the aim of being the first producer in Indonesia that offers the best quality products and service based on the World standards and marketing support within the territory of your country. If you have had any experience in dealing with these types of products you will already be aware of potential problems and issues you might face. These situations will simply not arise with us. We guarantee that our products are the finest in Indonesia and some of our clients find it hard to believe that they are made in Indonesia.

Perum Dalung Permai, Blok OO/No 88. Dalung, Badung-Bali Indonesia
10730 Badung-Bali


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Projectdatum: februari 2017

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