Atelier 010

010 840 4285

Atelier 010 is a small Rotterdam based design and production studio for architecture and furniture. The studio creates products in close collaboration with their clients. By investigating their lives and habits Atelier 010 cultivates their unique characteristics into bespoke homes and furniture.

”We do not want to make products that can be personalised. We want to make products that are personal!” 

Although the founders of Atelier 010 are both trained architects and a share passion for simple, life-hacking designs, they have a very different approach to their daily work. Anne loves working with her hands. She has a natural talent for detail and the patience to get it realized. Paul is a fountain of ideas and loves to translate abstract notions into spacial and functional designs. The combination of contriving and making within one company might not be the most obvious one. But Atelier 010 proves that combining different disciplines makes a rich environment to create beautiful work.

Design en Production
  • Rotterdam
  • Architecture
  • furniture
  • Design
Stationssingel 91a
3033hg Rotterdam

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