B-ILD Architects

02 350 42 77

B-ILD refers to the phonetical resemblance between ( das ) Bild and ( to ) build . It emphasizes the ambition to generate images that capture the essence of the element to be built. The projects are diverse in scale and program. The focus at B-ILD is both architecture and interior design. The interior is inherently connected to the architecture of the outer shell. The overall design engages in a relationship with its environment. 

B-ILD was founded in 2009 and is centrally located in Brussels. The office attempts to approach each project in a clear and thoughtful manner. For each project, the demand is thoroughly analysed and challenged. The plans are developed in accordance with their specific internal program to a logically constructed open structure. It seeks to create spaces that are unique to the client and provide an added value to the users both from an architectural, durable and practical point of view.

Handelskaai 30
1000 Brussels
België www.b-ild.com

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