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Today Sunday the 22nd of May 2022, my wife and I visited the Shrewsbury store and made a purchase of various products. Then on visiting the restaurant we purchased our food and drink,'s. On visiting the toilet area, ì found the gentleman's out of order. I asked an employee, what the problem was. His answer was, waiting for spares for the toilet's. The smell was putred, even smells were coming over to the food area. I mentioned that being a food dining area that this isn't acceptable, and priorities should be quickly put in to place to remedy the problem. It's very annoying and unhygienic to carry on serving food until this problem is resolved. My appreciation for your support and endeavours to resolve this on going problem.
3 maanden geleden
It gets crazy busy during lunch time. Hot food counter available and chilled meal options. There are several food trucks in the outside areas too.
3 maanden geleden
Fresh food section has great options and is a very filling lunch. 2 downsides: several times the chicken option I was hoping to get was not available, as well as having to wait for sweet potato fries while people kept moving in line. 2nd and main issue: half members of the staff packing food at hot food section wore their hair down while it should be up and tidy to avoid accidentally losing hair on someone's plate!
3 maanden geleden