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​5 things you MUST clean every day!

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When it comes to living a clean, clutter-free and sophisticated life, count us in! But all that glitter doesn’t come without a bit of grime, unfortunately, as we’re still a long way off before they invent the first self-cleaning house.

But until then, we have some quick and easy solutions to help you cut down on your weekly cleaning rituals. By cleaning just five areas of your home today, you can avoid long and tiresome cleaning projects (and possibly illnesses caused by germs) tomorrow

These are the magic spots you need to focus on…

1. The floors of your kitchen and bathroom

Private Residential Refurbishment, Kent Moderne keukens van homify Modern

Private Residential Refurbishment, Kent


These two are most definitely the highest frequented rooms of your house – which means they attract crumbs, spills, dirt, and germs. 

Sweep these rooms’ floors each and every day, and work them over decently with a wet mop (at least) once a week. 

Need a tiler? How about a carpenter or plumber? Check out homify’s vast range of professionals expertly equipped for the task at hand.

2. The sinks

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We’re not only referring to your kitchen sink – that one in the bathroom takes a daily beating as well; therefore, the least you can do is treat all of them to a daily cleaning.

When it comes to the kitchen, be sure to wash your dishes (or stack them in the dishwasher) after every meal to avoid a build-up of grime in the sink day after day. 

And don’t think that brushing teeth, washing hair and face, trimming nose hairs, etc. does absolutely nothing to your bathroom sink – wipe off those soaps and goodness-knows-what-else before they get a chance to harden.

3. Countertops

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W9 | Eclectic Industrialism


It’s sad, yet true: a surface that deals with food needs to be cleaned frequently. Thus, wipe down those kitchen countertops after each and every meal preparation. 

But treat them to a daily de-cluttering as well to make your wiping easier and quicker. Instead of moving mail and other loose pieces of junk to your kitchen island, peninsula, table, or other surface, sort through those papers and elements. Immediately discard junk mail (remember to recycle!), file your bills, and store those important documents in a safe and hidden-away spot (like a lovely cabinet or drawer where they won’t be an eyesore).

4. The laundry

We know that nobody has the time to do laundry each and every day, but at the very least you should organise through those heaps of shirts, socks, and other clothing bits to make your official laundry day easier on yourself. 

Gather up all loose clothing, towels, linens, and other items and sort them into their various piles (colours, fabrics, hot- or cold wash, etc.).

5. Toilet seats

Kenny&Mason Cloakrooms van Kenny&Mason Landelijk

Kenny&Mason Cloakrooms


Don’t flinch – it’s a fact of life. Toilets gather dirt like nobody’s business and although we don’t like to talk about it, most of us need to partake in this least glamorous job of all – cleaning the toilet. 

But did you know that a quick wipe-down of the toilet seat with an antibacterial or all-natural cleaner can help diminish the spread of germs within your home? Try it! Keep a bottle in your bathroom as a daily reminder to yourself to use it.

Speaking of cleaning, be sure to scope out these: 7 Painless Steps To A Much Cleaner Bedroom.

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