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​12 Beds To Make You Super Sleepy

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Who dares say that a bed is not that important? It’s the spot where we close off each day and begin another. It’s the place where we recharge our strength and engage in peaceful slumber. It is also where we treasure loved ones and enjoy sweet and fantastic dreams.

In short: a bed is not just a bed, and therefore one should pick one out with the utmost care and consideration. But today we don’t want to talk about the importance of the right mattress, but rather the bed as a whole setting, and what it can do for your relaxation levels. 

If you don’t yawn at least once, or think about what it must be like to be lulled off to sweet dreams in one of the following spaces, you must be made of stone…

1. The royal treatment

Yes, the bed is where you sleep (among other things), but that does not mean you have to substitute style for quality. Above we find a bedroom that may just be the perfect resting spot for you: plush pillows, soft carpets, and a glamorous design that turns your afternoon doze into a majestic slumber. 

And red does convey passion, after all…

2. ​Style that soothes

Moultrie Park Poster Bed Royz Furniture SlaapkamerBedden en hoofdeinden
Royz Furniture

Moultrie Park Poster Bed

Royz Furniture

Green is synonymous with growth and potential, but in this bedroom that dusty pine tone may just inspire a rest most comforting. 

We love the fact that green and off-white take centre stage here; calm and soft colours that are easy on the eye, resulting in a most perfect space that will guard over you with friendly patience and charming ambience while you sleep.

​3. A heavenly resting place

Fancy sleeping on a cloud? This bedroom could work for that: crisp white tones and a luxuriously soft surface that envelopes you in a soothing embrace.

We know it takes work and dedication to keep a white space as pristine as this one, so may we suggest keeping the pets and dirty-handed kiddies out of this room?

4. A dreamy embrace

Cadence High Footboard Bed homify SlaapkamerBedden en hoofdeinden

Cadence High Footboard Bed


A bed where the headboard and foot end, covered in soft fabric, both seem to turn inward, guarding over you while you’re off in dreamland? It can be done – just see the dreamy vision conjured up by furniture designers Living It Up above.

5. A tropical flavour

Colourful dreams Swarzędz Home Scandinavische slaapkamers
Swarzędz Home

Colourful dreams

Swarzędz Home

Dreams don’t cost anything – so, instead of spending a fortune on that ticket to a far-off island, treat your bed to a tropical vibe with this colourful pattern that covers the entire bed, from headboard to base. 

When opting for a design like this which isn’t shy to show its colours, we suggest that your linen be a bit subdued in terms of pattern and tone, as perfectly illustrated in our example above.

6. Picturesque painting

No headboard? No problem – allow that wall to become a unique focal point for your bed by splashing a cheerful colour and painting some elegant and charming silhouettes on it. 

Doesn’t this scene look like the perfect Saturday morning where you’re ignoring the incoming sunshine and just lazily laying around?

7. Cascading fabrics

Is there anything more classic than a four-poster bed, complete with attached curtain? It automatically becomes the centrepiece of a beautiful bedroom. And when a light incoming breeze causes those hanging fabrics to sway softly in the wind… pure magic.

8. An elegant space

Why not add some glamour to sleepy time – it is your private space, after all. Here we have some sophisticated lilac and chic neutrals conjuring up a space that looks like it belongs in a dream. 

And with those thick, dark curtains as window treatment, you know you’ll have no trouble continuing with your beauty sleep once the sun rises.

9. True blue

They say that blue is the perfect choice for the bedroom, as blue conveys tranquillity and serenity, and is extremely helpful in creating a mood that is refreshing and cheerful.

Well, this bedroom looks just perfect for sweet dreams, with its collection of blues emitting a tranquil vibe that is ideal for boosting those relaxation levels.

10. ​A bit of spice

Nowhere is it written in stone that your bedroom needs to have calm and soft colours – a bit of pizzazz is your utmost prerogative. So, if that’s your scene, why not consider the chartreuse tone that spices up this bedroom above?  

And as we’ve said before, no headboard equals no problem: some creative planning and clever painting can result in a bedroom that is nothing short of perfection.

11. Sleeping with a view

Who says you can’t enjoy a majestic view while lying in bed? Our bedroom above offers up a window that flaunts a stylish high-above-the-city vibe, making it feel like you’re waking up in a top-of-the-world penthouse. 

And don’t overlook those chic elements that make up the bed itself: soft fabrics, plush looks, and elegant neutrals for a stylish time from “goodnight” to “good morning”. 

Fancy a fantastic view? Then check out: A Villa With Priceless Views.

12. For charming dreams

Last, but not least, a bit of rustic charm for those of us who want the goodness of the country style instead of chic modern vibes. 

Rustic timber, baby blue walls, floral patterns, and air-light fabrics are all the perfect additions to lull you off to sleep. And this is a charming way to fake a four-poster bed look if you love the sensation of soft curtains surrounding you while you dream.

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