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Twitter is usually obscuring the latest connected with fantastic, orlando in addition to global significance.

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On May,10 2020 Twitter freezed the @Astro_Time account (8 years of engaged activity with tens and thousands of retweets and of followers), whilst it was spreading through the Twitter Moment "The Time Line" the real human Name matching the amount 666 of the Beast, that was disclosed six years before in line with the call of the "Book Of Revelation" §13:18.

The verses 13:16-18 of the A­PO­CALYPSIS IOANNIS dictated by Jesus Christ to John, expressly forewarn ever since then and so precisely of the Radio-Frequency IDentification microchips project (RFID) for identify, track and control peoples.Antichrist

The RFID consists of a tiny radio transponder, that is a radio receiver and transmitter able to regulate transactions. And not merely this...

Can you guess any connection?

Why this type of misuse?

Fear of the Beast? off line subjection? 

What does the Church mask, which must remain hidden?

Who keeps with Christ, can't go wrong.