8 things to consider before installing a staircase

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8 things to consider before installing a staircase

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Staircases are essential construction pieces within properties that exceed one floor. You’ll need a staircase or an elevator to move up to the higher levels. However, staircases are perfect for 2 to 3 storeys, while elevators are more appropriate for taller buildings.

If you’ve bought a place or are looking to build one featuring a staircase, you will need the trusted help of qualified architects in your region. Professional architects at Johannesburg-based TOP CENTRE PROPERTIES GROUP have helped countless people design and build their dream homes. The company also specialises in construction, property development, renovation, and interior design. While their main base is in Johannesburg, they also service main cities throughout South Africa.

Let's take a look at some beautiful staircase designs as well as practical aspects to consider before choosing/building the perfect staircase for your home!

1. Set up a budget

Before choosing your staircase style, you need to consider your budget for the staircase that you’d like to have in your home. Will it be able to cover all the costs for the entire project including the architect? Spiral staircases are so chic, but they can be expensive to install.   

2. Safety first

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Safety is a very important factor to consider in your plans of installing a staircase, especially for families with little kids. A floating staircase may be scary to some parents considering children might fall through the open risers. Just ensure that the open riser (the gap between two steps) is not in excess of 4” or add a handrail, so that you can find a balance between safety and the stylish design.

3. Plan ahead of time

Planning ahead of time for your staircase will not only give you a better handle of the budget but also more time to plan the actual design. Sometimes practical stairs are simply better compared to some expensive designs. After all, you simply need to use it for its purpose.   

4. Design smartly

Sometimes a home just needs that extra storage space. This is ideal if your staircase design caters for extra storage. Ask your architect or interior architect for some style options and advice before you make the final decision. Again, practicality may kick in at this point of the planning.  

5. Consider local building regulations

Every region and area has regulations concerning design and property construction. If you’re looking for something different but you’re not sure if the design will work, then your architect/ designer is able to assist you.

6. Think about the materials

Another important thing to consider when deciding on your staircase of choice is the materials. You want to be certain that none of the materials pose danger hazards to your daily life. To prevent from noise and/or slipperiness, opt for “quiet texture” like carpeted stairs.  

7. Will your designed staircase take a lot of space?

If you already live in a small home, a large staircase won’t be practical. Instead, opt for a staircase design that will improve on space and give you the feel of a bigger home than to cramp things up. As seen here, the staircase allows natural light to flow through and doesn’t take up too much of the space.  

8. Staircase as a long-term investment

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You shouldn’t rush your decision on the style or design of your staircase bearing everything in mind, including materials. The reason you must be sure about your choice is for the sheer fact that staircases are in it for the long run and your budget may not be wisely spent if you’re simply going to change everything within 1 year or less.

Are you thinking about renovating your home? Here are 8 things to consider before making the decision!

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