A Hyderabad Villa That Will wow you With Each Step

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A Hyderabad Villa That Will wow you With Each Step

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 Woonkamer door Crafted Spaces
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Crafted Spaces designed Villa 46 at Ektha Prime in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. These Interior Architects in Hyderabad have done a fantastic job integrating eco-friendly design, with indoor landscaping and modern décor. So let’s walk around this beautiful villa and explore a home that is close to nature. Let’s start our tour! 

The entryway

The first glimpse we see of the villa is through the inside. The villa is designed to have open spaces with lots of natural light and air circulating through it. The open plan allows the homeowners to always feel like they are in a wonderful garden. When combined with the stunning indoor landscaping, their home is practically a garden.

Seating area

The seating area downstairs is surrounded by greenery. There is a small plant, surrounded by other plants. The double ceiling allows the light to come in from above into the veranda. The wooden chairs have beautiful upholstery with traditional Indian print. The floor is made from stone finish tiles, which give it a rustic feel.

Exemplary kitchen design

The whole kitchen is sparsely furnished with minimal details. The beautiful hardwood flooring is stunning. The white furniture contrasts well with the dark brown of the wood. There is a small island on the side. The cast iron hanging lamps provide a warm glow to the kitchen. The earthy-toned backsplash creates the perfect material to clean and maintain.

Simple partitions

The house has an open layout, but it is divided into different areas. The wooden panels are instrumental in creating the partial partitions in different parts of the house. These beautiful panels allow the room to look big, but also divide the space properly. This open layout is why the villa is so impressive to look at.

Indoor landscaping

An integral part of the design is the indoor landscaping. This area in the centre of the house is dedicated to plants. However, in the other parts of the house, small pots and planters are placed to create a beautiful indoor environment. This placement of pots is done quite carefully so the plants that survive indoors are allowed to flourish.

The dining area

The dining area is right by the kitchen. The adjoining area is furnished with stone finish styles. The dining table is very Art Deco and old school, with the beautiful carved legs. The accompanying chairs use netting in the back and upholstery in the seating part of the chair.

The sunroof

The double ceiling invariably creates the opportunity to place a sunroof right above the veranda. The beautiful hanging lamp was sourced specially for this home. The rustic look and finish in the metal lamp is quite exciting to look at. It is unusual to look at and looks just stunning. There is also a beautiful modern painting put up on the wall that would be visible from the second floor wooden balcony. Go through another ideabook to get your creative juices flowing – 9 Small and Functional Kitchens for Indian Homes.

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