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An Indian Home Oozing with Class and Elegance

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Moderne woonkamers van Studio Ezube Modern
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The balancing act between class and playfulness is a tough one to maintain. In many homes, the balance either tilts in favour of gilded elegance, or bends towards the dictates of quirky homeliness. But the Singh Residence, designed by Studio Ezube, Interior Designers in New Delhi, begs to differ.

The home starts out as a canvas filled with classy colours and elegant contours. But on closer inspection, you will find the presence of fun elements like angular shelves, jewel toned throws and pillows, and warm tones that are extremely inviting. Delhi as you know is a culturally and historically rich city. It was once home to powerful monarchs who believed in lavish living. And this is echoed in the Singh’s abode too. Let us explore the home to see how the eminent design team at Studio Ezube has managed to strike a decor balance.

Elegant Environs in the Living Room

This welcoming living room is replete with touches of elegance and epitomises class. The patterned wallpaper lends a colonial appeal, enhanced by the high backed chairs. The muted teal grey cushions bring in a dose of comfort and break the monotony of the dark polish of the furniture. The coffee table is an artistic piece with curved legs, while the sofa and ottoman face each other for a playful relief owing to their contrasting shades. Turquoise curios become a talking point with their bright presence on stylishly stacked tables.

A Meal fit for Kings

The stylish dining room is a study in modern day sophistication. Not only does it take the modern neutral tones of brown and white to give them a suitably regal twist, but it also captures the essence of the ornate lines of the chairs and their beautifully carved backs. The artistic Buddha heads in gold are dressed in soft glows and placed in narrow recessed shelves. The mood and ambience for fine dining is evident in this room. The quaint glass pendant lamps hanging overhead, add a hint of playfulness with their varying lengths.

The High Life

The next sitting area is a space done up in muted mocha, with tints of blue, golden and grey. The velvet upholstery and the heavy patterned drapes create a look to die for! Don’t miss the regal chandelier, which naturally is the focal point of the room.

Dreams of Elegance

The bedrooms in this home enjoy a primarily white palette – soothing and refreshing in equal doses. This turquoise and white bedroom is our favourite, thanks to the clever use of colour above the door and windows. This brings in a playful look, and helps balance the elegant white tufted headboard. Blues dominate this room in various shades – starting from the bed linen, to the blinds and even the little lamp on the night stand!

Luxurious Me Time

The bathroom enjoys a one of a kind expression of luxury. The beautiful stone tiles are done up with pretty tribal drawings that catch the eye instantly, but are not jarring. They seem to spring slowly out of the grains of the stone – such is their soothing effect and subtle rendition. The counter is a curved one that looks stylish to say the least, with a round white sink sitting proudly on it. A soft light encases the entire space. The large mirrors create a look of spaciousness, and the pink potpourri placed in an earthen bowl gives the bathroom a lovely touch!

Accessories Galore!

Interesting nooks and accent walls fill this home. For instance, this solid looking black tiled wall, features angular shelves that are cool, trendy and minimalistic. In corners like this one, the monochrome effect has been successfully claimed!

The Singh Residence seamlessly unites unique elegance and subtle playfulness which reflect the personality of the owners. The abode clearly shows that the family is large-hearted and welcoming! A visit to this home entails a series of wows and a feel good factor, at the end of the day! So we hope you enjoyed the tour as much as we did. For more inspiring ideas, feel free to go through this ideabook – A luxurious home full of surprise.

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