The key elements of an industrial style design

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The industrial style has become very popular in recent years. Perhaps this is because it offers  all the pleasures and comforts of the modern home, without entirely forsaking history. It is a clean, utilitarian style that is especially well-suited to raw spaces, like renovated warehouse lofts or old studio apartments. Still not sure on how the industrial style works? Check these key elements to achieve an industrial-designed house!

Vintage pieces

In many ways, the industrial style pulls from both contemporary and vintage styles to create its unique look. Vintage elements can add a great deal of warmth to an otherwise harsh look. Of course, some industrial apartments look more modern than others. It’s up to you to decide how vintage you want to go. You can take a huge inspiration from this chic apartment unit -- the living room area boasts its antique and vintage pieces through the wall decor!

Lighting fixtures

A classic white wall blends perfectly with a set of sleek, lighting fixtures. Not only does it brightens up a rooms or acts as accent lighting to a specific spot, but it truly embodies an industrial design. 

These pendant electrical lighting pieces are great examples -- the glass and steel details exude a pure industrial vibe in any of your rooms!

Metal elements

Speaking of steel, metal is obviously a huge player in the industrial look, so playing up these elements in your house is a good way to highlight the rawness of a space. This bedroom design features a work area and bedside table that boasts its slim and clean metal details. It matches beautifully with wood to balance the elements of industrial design. 

You have got to love metal elements. Check out these 10 Reasons why you should incorporate metal into your house!

Prominent industrial colors

Industrial-themed colors are pretty simple -- neutral, down-to-earth, cool, raw, and edgy are some of the adjectives that can describe the colors of this style. Take a cue from this design -- the living room offers neutral tones like beige and flesh, crisp whites, and cool greys. 

Open spaces

When it comes to an industrial style design, the amount of space you don’t use is just as important as the spaces you do use. Many of the elements used to create the industrial style apartment are bold, stand-out pieces. They deserve to stand alone and shine, like a piece at a museum. The space itself becomes an accessory in the industrial style, so putting too many elements and objects into one place can make you feel claustrophobic. Of course, this is the exact opposite of the feeling you should get from an industrial space, which is inspired by old factories and huge machinery.

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