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20 ideas to decorate your home with indoor plants

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Bring some greenery indoor and then see how without much effort you can transform the interior of your home into a green and fresh abode. You won’t have to spend on the expensive artifacts or ornamental decor. Just bring in a few ornamental plants and harmonize it with the interior. It will aesthetically enhance the beauty of the space and bring serenity. 

Indoor garden has become quite popular now. May be because it requires less maintenance and care and it can be created in whatever spare space you have. You can literally fit a few plants anywhere, unleash your imagination, play with sand and stone and voila… your elegant indoor garden is ready. The only thing you need is your creativity and some basic knowledge of the plants that will survive and grow well in low sunlight. If you need some help and guidance, then Homify professionals are always there for you.

Let’s fit in some plants and bring home the greenery.

1. ​Shining with the glass

Tropical plants in concrete pots inside glass doors, it’s sparking with the glass. The white stones on the ground, Venetian blind behind and the wooden floor extending towards the white walls, everything seems to be in peace and harmony.

2. ​Green window

The green plants bask in the natural sunlight coming through the large window. The most amazing thing is that the tall and short plants can coexist perfectly within a limited space. See it to believe it!

3. ​Your green steps

The space under the staircase is always a challenge to decorate. Not anymore! Make it your small indoor garden with ornamental plants, fountain, stones, planters… . The neglected space will soon become your family’s favourite spot.

4. ​Elegance in simplicity

Rustic pots with ornamental plants resting on stone bed, the beauty lies in its simplicity and your eyes.

5. ​Nature at its best

Planters full of greenery looks amazingly beautiful against the natural stone wall in the backdrop. Nature perfectly complements each other. Isn’t it?

6. ​In the midst of nature

It would have been just a decent living room. But the incredible plants growing in a disciplined way along with a fountain and stones has transformed it into a luxurious space.

7. ​Bring home the greenery

Stone covered floor with delicate bamboo growing there and a few plants waiting for planter; it is a great idea to use the unused space beneath the stairs or near the window and mark it green.

8. ​Dazzling with ornamentation

Secure your stunning ornamental plants with glass and let it grow in natural sunlight that seeps into your home.

9. ​The green wall

A rustic stone wall covered with green, it will look great both inside and outside. Just remember to harmonize it with the surrounding and breathe the freshness.

10. ​Organized chaos

There is strange beauty in chaos! Grass, herbs, shrubs, buried pot, stones and creeper covering the wall; it is a beautifully organized garden in that corner.

11. ​Dressing up the wall

Pristine white surrounding, stone-bed beneath and an open brick wall dressed up in green; it is a remarkably perfect way to create a vertical garden in your home.

12. ​Garden of stones

beautifully lit garden of stones below the stairs is an interesting idea to decorate the interior in an amazing way.

13. Wood, stones and palm

Delicate stone garden looks amazing! Complement it with wood and a few plants or just a single palm tree; it will look elegant.

14. ​A calm space

White stone covered floor, small green plants and beautiful lamps under the stairs; sitting on the wooden floor you can really enjoy that ‘me’ time here.

15. Sandwiched between the two world

A few plants that are peeping from behind the wooden statue of Krishna are standing tall in front of stone walls. This minimalist indoor garden is a good blend of wood and stone.

16. ​All in the natural tone

The wood, stones and two ceramic vases in neutral tone are in perfect contrast with the fresh greenery on the wall in the backdrop and blackish-grey floor surrounding it.

17. ​Simple and realistic

There is nothing flashy here. Just a few pots with simple plants kept on stones. It’s the contrast between the colors of the plants, pots and the rest of the space that is making all the difference.

18. ​Splash of color

Colorful vases with white flowers resting on white stone bed, adorned by white lampshades are in complete harmony with its white surrounding. A splash of green here and there looks sophisticated and elegant.

19. ​Low maintenance plants

The key to beautiful indoor garden lies in the selection of plants. A small space, stone-covered floor and a few low maintenance plants; enjoy your simple and beautiful space.

20. ​Brightening the little space

Healthy ornamental plants in elegant vases, it can brighten any space where it is kept. Green is a magical color and has the power to brighten and freshen up your mind, body and soul. Bring it home!

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