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A Blooming Amazing House

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Mareines+Patalano Arquitetura Tropische huizen
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Nature has always been a source of inspiration for architectures. Possibly the most notable example is Barcelona's landmark La Sagrada Família, designed by Antoni Gaudí. It is a design that was inspired by the architect's love of nature with many of the details and forms found inside mirroring those of wild plants and blooming flowers. 

Taking a leaf, or should we say petal, from Gaudí's handbook is this amazing project from Mareine+Patalano Architecture. This new home of stunning architecture was inspired by the dynamic shape of the a flower petal.

To find this amazing home we must travel all the way to an island called Angra dos Reis, an exclusive spot close to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. This magnificent island paradise makes an amazing backdrop for this incredible project. Let's begin exploring…

A home filled with beauty

We find flowers so beautiful that we make them a part of important events, using them as expressions of ourselves and as a celebration of life. However, if we look deeper into the wonders of these natural creations we can see many complex intricacies. It seems only natural that flowers would inspire architects beyond just an appreciation for their beauty.  

Pictured is the home in all of its wonder. Using huge expanses of glazing, the home has been designed to take full advantage of the panoramic forest and beach front views, while also carefully allowing the sounds and senses of nature to travel all throughout. It's difficult from this perspective to see the petal shape design, so let's take a look from a different angle…

From above

The flower inspiration for the home can be best seen when viewed from above. Luckily we have this spectacular aerial photograph! As you can see, the image shows how each of the curved petals spread outwards over the lush landscape. 

Nature inside

Like the exterior, the inside of the home has been designed by the architects with nature in mind. Inside the living spaces we can begin to appreciate how they have achieved their goal. The use of natural elements and plantings give the impression that the petal house grew naturally from the soil. 

The relationship between the house and landscape is unbroken, with a curved swimming pool built underneath the floor of the communal zone. Where the swimming pool ends a pond filled with aquatic plants and fishes continues. 

A kitchen fit for a professional chef

The kitchen, while compact in nature in comparison to the living and dining room, is incredibly light filled and exceptionally well organised. The same timber cladding is also evidenced here, creating a fluid continuity between the two areas. As seen in the image, a long window permits those cooking to never miss a sunset while they prepare the evening meal. 

A room for romance

Entering the master bedroom, the space looks intimate and comfy, with a genuine honeymoon feeling created. This is a genuine retreat away for the adults to spend quality time together away from the rest of the family. We love the holistic design of the timber king size bed that forms as an extension of the room itself. 

Ready to set sail

The tropical landscape garden has been designed to offer relief from the sunny rays when desired. The extensive garden is filled with characteristically tropical elements, such as ferns, palms and sandy coloured tones. Whether the owners are spending their time sipping on champagne beside the pool or with a book in hand underneath a shady tree, you can be sure they'll be enjoying every moment in a spot like this.

Though if they ever do get bored there's nothing stopping them from escaping via their private yacht waiting at the end of the pier. 

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