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Room dividers that are must-haves for small studio apartments

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Small apartments are becoming the norm on the current property market, especially in urban centres, and while for some this can feel like a sacrifice, others find that this is the perfect opportunity to create a highly practical integrated space for one or two people. Although living alone or in a couple means you don't need to be so concerned about privacy, and you certainly don't need so many rooms, you will still want to functionally separate the spaces in order for your home to be more comfortable and liveable.

That's where the room divider comes in. Rather than a wall which isolates rooms and shrinks the floor space of an apartment, room dividers can be functional pieces of furniture, or even just conceptual arrangements that create the illusion of separate rooms. There's lots of creative and innovative ways to do this, and today we're going to take a look at a few to inspire and guide you in your own quest for the perfect small apartment!

1. Timber and curtains

In this studio apartment the bedroom is separated from the living area by a timber half wall. This way the room is conceptually divided without cutting off visual continuity which would make the home feel more cramped. Of course if you want a little more privacy in the bedroom there are also screens that roll down from the ceiling.

2. Vertical separation

If you really want to create space in a room you may need to think vertically and create a loft area. The stairs of this loft are separated by timber slats, while upstairs those same slats are placed vertically to prevent the kids from falling off the upper level. The thin timber slats still allow visual penetration, but functionally separate the two areas, all while looking great!

3. Creating a lobby

As you enter this house you step into a makeshift lobby area created by a partial brick wall that also doubles as the television cabinet. This rustic element provides an interesting counterpoint to the otherwise very modern decor, and keeps shoes and bags out of sight.

4. Using curtains

If you live alone then curtains are the best option in terms of flexible room dividers. At night you close the curtains around the bed to create a cosy and intimate space, while during the day you can open them right up to make the room feel more spacious.

5. Using levels

Another interesting way to separate spaces is with levels within the home. Here the bedroom is separated by being about a metre higher than the rest of the home, and the false floor also creates useable space underneath, which has been taken advantage of with neat boxes for organised storage. This idea will require a fair bit of work, and the help of professionals, but it will make your home one of a kind!

6. Decorative walls

This unique idea sees transparent walls carved with a fabulous pattern creating a private work space that still gets plenty of light penetration and air flow, ideal for parents who work at home and want to get away from distractions without completely losing sight of the kids.

7. Breakfast bars

Breakfast bars are a great way to separate the kitchen in open plan living areas, creating an integrated space that still has clear functional differentiation.

8. Shelving units

Shelving units separate spaces while still allowing light to pass through, meaning the room doesn't feel any smaller, but you still create individual areas. Here the living room is separated from the dining room by a floor to ceiling shelving unit that houses the television, as well as decorations.

There's lots of fabulous ways to divide rooms without walls, so take these ideas and then feel free to get creative with them! If you live in a studio apartment, you're also going to want to read this article about creating the perfect tiny kitchen.

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