Low-cost home improvement ideas

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Low-cost home improvement ideas

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Cushions van Tissage Art de Lys Eclectisch
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Here we are again with part two of our fabulous guide to upgrading your home using things you can buy in your local pound shop. And we might just have saved the best 11 ideas for today.

You won't believe how many amazing things your discount store has to offer, or how you can use them to get a stylish interior designer look for much less.

Let's waste no more time and get creative!

1. Hula hoops are great for romance

The Three Cusps Chalet Eclectische slaapkamers van Tiago do Vale Arquitectos Eclectisch
Tiago do Vale Arquitectos

The Three Cusps Chalet

Tiago do Vale Arquitectos

A hula hoop and a cheap sheer curtain are all you need to make your very own romantic bedroom canopy! You could even use a mosquito net or something similar. 

Grab the hot glue gun and get sticking.

2. Create your own warming neck pillow

modern  door Leschi, Modern

Leschi Warming pillow, Noah the fox


All you need is some dried beans and fluffy socks. Pour the beans into your socks, sew them together et voila! A comfortable pillow that you can pop in the microwave to give your neck some relief.

homify hint: Make it out of waterproof material and you can even use it in the bath.

3. Jazzing up cushions is easy

Cushions - blue Lagoon van Tissage Art de Lys Eclectisch
Tissage Art de Lys

Cushions – blue Lagoon

Tissage Art de Lys

All pound shops have bargain rugs, so why not use a glue gun to stick them around old cushions and pillows to create funky slip on sleeves? 

You could even add more detailing, such as pom-poms, if your shop has those as well.

4. Use simple containers to organise your pantry

The Cotes Mill Utility Room by deVOL Rustieke keukens van deVOL Kitchens Rustiek & Brocante
deVOL Kitchens

The Cotes Mill Utility Room by deVOL

deVOL Kitchens

For a simple but elegant pantry upgrade, invest in some cheap glass containers and use them to store things like cereal and dry cooking ingredients. 

Nobody will ever believe you got the chic look by buying containers from a pound shop.

5. Decorate plates with funky designs

modern  door Nom Living, Modern
Nom Living

Blue and White Collection

Nom Living

Grab some permanent markers and go crazy with your artistic flair, drawing beautiful designs on your boring plates.

Simply bake them in your oven afterwards to set the ink and you'll have a unique dining service, courtesy of the pound shop!

6. Stay hydrated

Here's a great idea for all you lucky pool owners. Grab a plastic storage tub and a pool noodle, glue sections of the noodle to the top edge of the box and it will float. 

Add some ice, a few drinks and maybe some fruit, and you have a floating refreshments crate for the summer!

7. Easily prevent slippage

Hanger bath van Bubi collage Landelijk
Bubi collage

Hanger bath

Bubi collage

Wrap colourful pipe cleaners around the ends of your clothes hangers to prevent delicates slipping off and laying in a crumpled heap in the bottom on your wardrobe. 

You can even colour-code them to make work clothes stand out.

8. Get your ice on ice

Personalised Ice Bucket van Jonny's Sister Klassiek
Jonny's Sister

Personalised Ice Bucket

Jonny's Sister

If you want an easy way to sort your jewellery, grab some ice cube trays. Every pound shop has them and you can pop your earrings and other small items in the individual cubes so you never lose them again. 

Slip your trays into a drawer and they'll be safe and sound.

9. Instigate a 'rubbish basket' system

Basket van Mister Toad Landelijk

Grab some storage baskets from your pound shop and decorate them with the names of everyone on the house so they each have their own. 

Then, as you walk around your home and find discarded items in places they shouldn't be, you can pop them in the right box and ask the owner to sort through and tidy.

10. Use parcel tags to label food jars

Larder Original Spiral Cellar with Rectangular Glass Trap Door Moderne wijnkelders van homify Modern

Larder Original Spiral Cellar with Rectangular Glass Trap Door


If you loved the idea of glass food storage jars but worry you won't remember cooking instructions for some of the contents, grab some parcel tags and write what the ingredient is one one side, followed by cooking instructions on the back. 

Simple, elegant and handy! 

For more fab bargain home upgrades, take a look at part one of this guide, here: Low-cost home improvement ideas.

Eigentijds wonen in een rietgedekte villa Moderne huizen van Lab32 architecten Modern

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