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Everything you need to know about underfloor heating

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We hear a lot about underfloor heating, especially in terms of luxury home improvements, but do you know enough about it to judge whether or not you want it in your home? Perhaps you assume it will be too costly, or bad for the environment? 

Well, we're going to tell you everything you need to know about this innovative interior system, so you can make a more informed decision as to whether or not you install it. 

Interior designers have long championed underfloor heating and they are rarely wrong, so we're happy to go into this article with a positive mindset, are you?

1. What is it and how does it work?

Put simply, underfloor heating describes a system of pipework that runs under your floor finishes, circulating low-temperature heated water to create an ambient warmth as you walk around. 

It's particularly effective for underneath cold finishes, such as stone tiles.

2. Can it work under different flooring?

Underfloor heating can work with literally any flooring type, from wood to laminate and natural stone. 

Even complex flooring solutions, such as parquet, can be laid on top of underfloor heating pipes, which have been embedded in a levelling solution.

3. Is it bad for the environment?

No! The water that flows around the pipes stays between 30 and 40°, which is half of what regular radiators run at. 

In addition to this, you can also run your heating system through more sustainable means and when you use a highly insulating floor finish, the heat will be trapped and noticeable for much longer.

4. Is it expensive?

A fantastic way to up the energy-efficiency of your home, underfloor heating can save you money in more ways than one, so no, it isn't expensive. 

You'll find that you use regular radiators less, saving you a good amount of cash and there might even be green incentive programmes in effect that will reward you for installing it.

5. Is it hard to install?

It is surprisingly easy to install underfloor heating, which is why so many people actually do it themselves. It's a simple grid-work of pipe that is clipped into floor pads and connected to your water supply.

Given that the packs all come with comprehensive instructions and layout plans, many people don't need to hire a professional to complete it.

6. Will it impact on what furniture I can buy?

Absolutely not! Once the pipe is laid for your underfloor heating, you finish it with levelling compound as you would any other new floor, then top with your chosen top material. 

With a perfectly level floor in place, you can have any furniture that you like in place, regardless of composite material.

7. Will it affect dust allergies and other health conditions?

Yes, in a good way! Keeping the floor at am ambient temperature will prevent dust mites causing you grief as no mould or dust will naturally form in warmer conditions.

8. Is it suitable for a family home?

Underfloor heating is perfect for a family home as the warm floors will encourage bare feet and floor play, leading to a happy, cosy family environment. 

Pop it everywhere for some luxury indulgence, including your bedroom and bathroom, and you'll never fear a cold morning shock ever again!

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