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A simple timber home in the hills

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Moderne huizen van Eddy Cretaz Architetttura Modern
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A dream home is an undeniable desire for many individuals and families alike. Escaping the hustle and bustle of hectic Hong Kong life is definitely something that is beneficial, not only for your mental health, but also your physical and spiritual health too. Fresh air, wide open spaces and a sense of freedom are all aspects of country living that improve and enhance one's like – and today we're going to show you a project from Eddy Cretaz that is sure to inspire. 

We're heading to the Italian Alps to check out a truly spectacular and impressive timber chalet. This freestanding family abode is situated to take in panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, while boasting natural materials and a sense of oneness with the environment. Although this dwelling may appear simple enough with its traditional wooden construction, the home comes replete with high-tech, energy saving advantages that improve its eco-friendliness. Would you like to learn more and take a peek inside? Read on below and start planning your next vacation escape today!

A bright night-time facade

The facade is stunningly eye-catching at night, and as we take a peek at it from this angle, we see the recessed lighting, which helps illuminate and enhance certain sections of the structure. In keeping with the client's desire for sustainability, the roof is thoroughly ventilated with technology that ensures high breathability between the walls.

The designers and architects constructed this home to embrace both an interior section of the property, which is rich in cosiness and comfort, as well as an outdoor area with wrap around balconies and plenty of entertaining space. 

Solar power for energy efficiency

Solar power was a key consideration during the construction of this home, and was included to enhance the dwelling's energy efficiency. Water heating was also of concern, with the plumbing system employing a flexible integration of both the solar panels and an additional pellet boiler.

In this picture we also get a better idea of the wrap around balconies, which service the dwelling with shade during the hotter summer months. To keep the interior cool in the face of the scorching sun's rays, the terrace was built large enough to shade the space with ease. 

Plenty of space to entertain

As we take a look at the garden and exterior entertaining area, it's clear this a home made to entertain and impress! The garden boasts a suitably sized swimming pool, which is flanked by grass, ideal for lounging about in the cool afternoon breeze. 

We're also given a better idea of the facade, which offers sections void of timber. To the left of the picture, you'll notice the stucco-clad wall. This reddish hue adds interest to the overall building, while improving its appearance. 

The light-filled interior spaces

This living room is bright, inviting and filled with a sense of homely charm. The furniture is modern, while the void ceiling sections add airiness within the space. A warm amber glow resonates throughout, contributing to the feeling of comfort and liveability.

The construction process

Constructed in only 12 weeks, this timber chalet is more than just impressive it's incredible! In order to achieve this, many of the sections were preassembled prior to arriving onsite, meaning they could be built in a rather efficient and quick manner.

This image gives us a time-lapse demonstration of how the building appeared throughout certain stages of its construction, illustrating the process with ease. 

A home perched above the valley

This dwelling has been situated to take in the stunning landscape and this image really shows us the impressiveness of the entire structure. From this vantage we see the swimming pool in its entirety, along with the surrounding grass, which is perfect for hot and sunny summer days. 

Timeless timber and an enduring aesthetic

As you've probably noticed, timber is utilised extensively in this home's construction. As well as appearing beautifully in touch with the surrounding landscape, the wooden elements assist in providing a warmth and sense of hospitality to the overall ambience and atmosphere. 

Up on the first floor balcony, the views are enhanced and offered up with plenty of space to relax, meditate, unwind and take in the unsurprisingly gorgeous scenery beyond. 

What did you think of this striking timber chalet? If you'd like to tour another home, check out: A great villa with a deceptive facade

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