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The home with the most beautiful bedroom in the world

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Today, we are going to visit a very trendy and appealing apartment, designed by Russian architect professionals ROOMDESIGNBÜRO. What makes this home so appealing? Well, it's the innovative design, the savvy use of space and the modern touches, but most importantly, it's the fact that 50 shades of pink have been used to make the most interesting, warm and enchanting interior.

This home is a wonderful example of how well a colour can work in a home, when used in different shades or tones. It can inject an interior design with personality and charm. It can also create a very cosy and unique space that truly represents the residents who live in it. 

As we explore every nook and cranny of this little home, you'll also be amazed that such a multi-functional space has been achieved with such a limited amount of square metres.

Let's take a look!

The home that has it all

From this angle, we can see that this home truly is a modern, savvy and multi-functional space. The open plan design allows the kitchen to flow into the living room and dining room, without allowing any of the areas to feel too cramped or crowded.

The floors feature a beautiful, light wood, which work in harmony with the white walls. 

The pink kitchen is the focal point, however. The pale pink tones subtly separate this space from the rest of the living room, while injecting the home with personality and charm.

A bright yellow sofa in the living room and a cow-print rug also achieve the same effect. Do you see what an impact a few carefully selected pastel colours can achieve?

Shades of pink

From this angle, we can see how pink shades are used for the entrance hall and the kitchen, clearly marking these areas.

When it comes to a small home, you don't want to use too many walls to divide up spaces. This is a great option as it keeps spaces divided without any valuable floor space being taken up.

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The pink shades are also illuminated by the lighting chosen in this space, which really makes it stand out without overwhelming the home. 

Here we can also see how a little kitchen bar creates extra storage space and an extra surface area for cooking and preparing food – a great addition to any kitchen.

The gorgeous entrance

The entrance is often the first impression that people will get of your home so you want it to look gorgeous.

You also want it to be functional too!

The designers have achieved the perfect balance here, creating a little minimalist entrance hall that allows guests, friends and family to hang up coats and jackets or even remove their shoes.

This is a very simple but trendy design that shows that sometimes less is more.

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A clear corridor

When it comes to a small house or apartment, you don't want to clutter or crowd the space with too many decor items or accessories.

Take a leaf out of this designer's books and opt for a very simple piece of artwork to add some character and charm to the corridor. Nothing else is necessary. Let functionality do the trick!

The savvy bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most savvy spaces in the house, where storage space has been completely utilised.

The designers have made the most of vertical space, building shelves all the way up to the ceiling where clothes, shoes and other items can be stored neatly away.

They've also gone for a simple, neutral colour palette in this room including white, light wood and charcoal black. They've played with geometric lines, shapes and patterns for a dynamic and edgy design. 

Remember that your bedroom is meant to be a peaceful haven so don't be afraid to go for soft, earthy tones.

The pink bathroom

The bathroom is another area of the home that utilises pink shades, with a very trendy end result!

The designers have used pink for the modern bathroom features in this space, which work beautifully with the black and white tiled floors and white walls. It almost looks like an eighties diner in here!

Your bathroom is an area of the home where you can afford to have a little bit of fun and creativity. While you still want this space to remain peaceful and tranquil, a touch of colour and charm goes a long way!

The little sunroom

The designers even found a little section of the home that could be used for relaxing in the sunshine and fresh air.

Here we can see how comfortable seating has been prioritised, really ensuring that this area of the home is used for rest and relaxation. Couldn't you imagine settling in one of these comfortable chairs with a good book?

A main priority in this space was to connect it to nature, thus the designers have included gorgeous pot plants throughout the space. This really creates a refreshing and invigorating area.

Don't you love the shelves that run along the wall, where decor items can be put on display?

Carefully designed spaces

From a bird's eye view, we can see how the spaces have been carefully and strategically planned out. The designers have really made the most of every square centimetre!

This is a wonderful way to see just how important it is to plan spaces adequately. With the right expertise, you can have everything that you need in one little home.

What is also striking about this overview is how much natural light flows into the home, creating a very warm and appealing interior design.

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