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12 staircases you would be too terrified to walk down

Will Sayner Will Sayner
Cells by EeStairs®: modern  door EeStairs | Stairs and balustrades, Modern
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 You may not give staircases all that much thought; after all you could be forgiven for thinking of them as a necessary, functional part of the home with little variation.

 But this is not the case.

 Actually, there’s huge scope for some really creative designs when it comes stairways, so today at homify we’re going stair-crazy as we bring you really inspiring, but a little scary stairways.

 Read on, and take your first step towards appreciating the stairway’s full potential.

1. We see the problem

​A single-flight cantilever staircase crafted in toughened, laminated glass Moderne gangen, hallen & trappenhuizen van Railing London Ltd Modern
Railing London Ltd

​A single-flight cantilever staircase crafted in toughened, laminated glass

Railing London Ltd

 The appeal of this transparent floating staircase is clear; the eye-catching design has turned a boring old staircase into a focal point of the home. However, with the entire staircase transparent, some people won’t want to look down!

2. Video game stairs

 This stunning industrial style staircase is an impressive feat of creative architecture, but why do we get the feeling that the platform in the middle is going to suddenly disappear? Maybe we’ve spent too much time been playing old Nintendo games.

3. Off the rails

 This marvellous modern staircase has a medieval touch to its design, but what’s a little scary is the lack of a banister.

4. A little steep

Unieke zwevende spilloze spiltrap in prachtige villa Moderne gangen, hallen & trappenhuizen van EeStairs | Stairs and balustrades Modern Hout Hout
EeStairs | Stairs and balustrades

Unieke zwevende spilloze spiltrap in prachtige villa

EeStairs | Stairs and balustrades

 This wooden floating staircase is an undeniably attractive design, but it is a little steep!

5. Don't look down

 This modern metallic masterpiece is beautiful to behold, but as its set away from the mezzanine with transparent steps, you may not want to look down while you’re climbing it.

6. A sharp climb

 This wonderful white wooden stairway has an interesting shape and compliments the home nicely, but it’s a little steep.

7. Staircase or ladder?

1m2 by EeStairs® - Ruimtebesparende trap: modern  door EeStairs | Stairs and balustrades, Modern
EeStairs | Stairs and balustrades

1m2 by EeStairs® – Ruimtebesparende trap

EeStairs | Stairs and balustrades

 The unconventional design to stairway number seven makes it an attractive part of the room’s design, but this spiral staircase is so steep it’s almost a ladder!

8. Floorless design

 With number eight on our list we find it’s not the staircase that could cause a fright, but what lies beyond. The floor atop the staircase is completely transparent which could certainly cause a shock if it caught someone unawares.

9. Wood you climb down?

 Coming in at number nine on our list we have a fantastic creation that is as much a piece of art as a stairway, but the tall spiral staircase doesn’t have much in terms of railings so be careful not to trip!

10. The neverending staircase

 This beautiful construction looks pretty safe, but it never seems to end! Don’t stair too long or you might be hypnotised.

11. Something doesn't stack up

 This ingenious creation seems to blend staircase, ladder, desk and shelves, but you might get a little confused as to where to put your feet.

12. Off the rails!

 This beautiful modern construction is an enviable piece of architecture, but you wouldn’t want to fall from the banister-free section at the top!

 Read on for more mind-blowing staircases.

Eigentijds wonen in een rietgedekte villa Moderne huizen van Lab32 architecten Modern

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