6 Sleek and Stylish Kitchens on a budget

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6 Sleek and Stylish Kitchens on a budget

Sheetal Bhandari Sheetal Bhandari
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Kitchen is no longer an isolated, small and cramped space in a corner of the house. Indian kitchens are now open, inviting, pretty and increasingly, the centre of informal social gatherings. A beautiful and functional kitchen not only increases the efficiency of the cook but, also serves as a cool place to hangout for the whole family. Kitchen designing has gone through rapid improvements in last decade or so. Innumerable options in color, texture, material and fittings have made kitchen designing a fun experience for homeowners. With customization available at every level, one can make even the smallest areas efficient and personalised. When doing up the kitchen, seek inspiration from some of these very sleek and stylish design themes. 

A Touch Of Colour

Think beyond the whites, greys and browns and go for some bright colors with contrasting neutral hues. The vibrant blue here with subdued white balances the overall look very well. Be careful in not overdoing color as the kitchen may end up looking too gaudy or over the top. Chose the colors as per the taste and try incorporating neutral colors that blend well with bolder ones.

You can find many more kitchen inspirations here.

A Typical Medium Sized Kitchen

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A medium sized kitchen which is not very wide, is best designed with overhead and lower cabinets in all corners possible. With counters on both sides, multiple people can operate in the area without trouble. Window placements are important so best to plan accordingly to allow maximum use of natural light. With Indian cooking especially, which involves considerable heating and frying, natural air circulation is a plus.  

A Stunning Bench Top

The kitchen no doubt is sleek and stylish, yet the center piece of the room is this one-of-a kind bench top. Make a statement with a designer, slightly eccentric piece that is the star of the kitchen. Customization is possible with digital printing offered by many design studios. Choose any favourite pattern and lend a bit of personality to the kitchen. 

All White

White is safe, white is timeless, white is chic and white is elegant. It never goes out of fashion and blends in perfectly with kitchen appliances and other kitchen furniture. It's like a blank canvas, so anything in contrast is bound to look lovely. Here the grey and white work in perfect harmony to create a kitchen that's gorgeous, spacious, sleek and stylish. 

Center Bench Top

E2 KITCHEN Minimalistische keukens van arQing Minimalistisch



When there's luxury of space, a center benchtop is a practical and functional addition to the kitchen. It serves the purpose of additional storage, dining area and can be equipped with a sink and burner right in the centre instead of on the counter towards the wall. It definitely makes the kitchen look upscale and slick.

Seek help of a specialist when planning to remodel your kitchen.

Incorporated Dining

A small dining table of a couple of seats or more is such a good idea when there is a little bit of extra space. The kitchen becomes such a cozy and fun place to cook and eat together. Grab a quick snack or have a full-fledged meal right in the kitchen instead of carrying the food all the way to the dining room. The formal dining area is slowly vanishing in city apartments. The kitchen is the new dining room for family meals and entertaining guests.

Super Compact Kitchen

van MINBAI Minimalistisch

Who says a tiny kitchen cannot be sleek and stylish? A little imagination and ingenuity can make every inch count. Appliances like the microwave move on to the upper level while essential daily need items remain below on the kitchen counter. Use of smart storage racks makes this kitchen sufficient and productive just like any other.

Here are few more tips on small kitchen space usage.

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