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Un petit studio qui a tout d'un grand!, Tout Simplement Déco Tout Simplement Déco Moderne keukens
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The dreamy and romantic city of Paris has caught our attention today, and we are here to witness the enticing transformation of a compact studio apartment which enjoys a measly area of 250 square foot (24 square metres). Originally, clutter, gloom and terrible mismanagement of space were the issues troubling the abode. It lacked cozy or aesthetically appealing accents too. But thanks to the intervention of the interior architects at Tout Simplement Deco, the apartment got a new lease of life with trendy furnishing, lavish textures, smart utilization of space, pretty lights and more. Read on to get inspired by the makeover story.

Before: A chaotic kitchen

Appliances and odds and ends made for a messy situation in the kitchen previously. And there was obviously no design scheme in place.

After: Hello gorgeous!

Look at the pretty kitchen with its sleek and glossy white cabinets now. Modern appliances and a chic chandelier add to the glamour quotient, while under-cabinet task lights provide ease of executing culinary chores. The whiteness of the kitchen finds warm companionship in the wooden floor.

Before: Disorderly look

Much of the kitchen space was initially taken up by a round dining table which used to groan under the pressure of clutter. The work desk nearby was a messy affair too. So the architects decided to make smart use of space by exploring the wall here.

After: Creativity rules

A sleek wooden table accompanied by a couple of fashionable white and wooden chairs offer ample opportunity to enjoy a relaxing meal. But what is really impressive is how the wall unit offers entertainment and storage space at the same time. It comes with sliding doors which move left and right to reveal the TV and the crockery as well.

Before: Lacklustre living

The beauty of the large glass windows of the apartment was being wasted, owing to the gloomy and non-descript appearance of the living area. Smart furnishing and cozy textures were called for, to make this space more inviting and habitable.

After: Ooh la la!

A fresh coat of paint, plush and modish chairs, and incredibly soft cushions now make the living area a sanctuary which offers respite from every worldly worry. A bunch of lovely white flowers and a quirky pair of gleaming and smooth coffee tables add to the contemporary appeal.

After: A lofty bedroom

Since the floor area of the home is modest, the architects decided to use the vertical space optimally. This drop down bed gets tucked away when it's not needed. Creamy-hued bedding, plush pillows, soothing sconce lights and a wall-mounted flower vase make this the perfect place to relish a good night’s sleep.

After: A pretty picture

Dominated by wooden and white hues, the small apartment now glows with an inner light and is a smart place for convenient urban living. The flowers, the funky purple armchair and some colourful crockery add pizzazz to the simple and homely setting. Every nook and corner has been used efficiently to keep clutter at bay, and ensure visual appeal too.

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