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A horrifying house becomes a beautiful and cosy family home

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Today, we are going to witness one of the most impressive transformations that you will ever see here at homify

These designers have taken a horrifying old dark and dingy apartment and transformed it into the most modern, chic and retro home on the block. In fact, it is so trendy that it looks like it comes out of the pages of a vogue magazine. 

As we go through each room in this home, you will see how impressive the design truly is. You'll be so blown away that you'll be inspired to make changes to your own home immediately!

Before: A nightmare

If we take a first glimpse at this home, we can see that it is an absolute nightmare. 

The house is in shambles with items everywhere and no sense of decor strategy or design organisation. The walls are old and grubby, while the floors feature tatty patterned rugs that don't match each other.

This is one of the most unappealing homes that we have ever seen!

Before: Horrifying

In this living room, we can see just what a sad state of affairs this home is in.

There is a rug hanging on the wall, which is very old-fashioned and outdated. The walls feature tatty wallpaper and very kitsch pictures of flowers and poodles and cats. 

The cabinet displays antique plates, cups and bowls, but it looks like it comes out of a different century. Have you ever seen so many personal items littering a living space?

Before: The terrifying kitchen

The kitchen looks like it comes out of a horror story. 

There are so many items jam-packed into this small space that we can't imagine how anyone would fit in here let alone cook! Even the stove top is full of pots and pans. A television has also been squeezed onto the refrigerator too!

The walls are shocking with their pale patterned wallpaper while the purple tinsel is quite frankly ridiculous. It looks like a Christmas tree vomited on the wall. 

The lighting is also shocking in this room, bringing a horrible neon glow to the space.

After: A whole new world

We've seen some drastic transformations in our time, but this takes the cake. 

The designers have gone for a chic and minimalist look and feel, with white as the dominant colour. The white floors, white walls and white leather sofa result in a very sleek and stylish look and feel. 

The designers have added black finishes to the space, which makes for a retro style. Don't you love the very groovy black and white patterned wall behind the television, which is illuminated by the black shelving?

A touch of orange is introduced in the form of a cushion, a lampshade and some decor items. Subtle yet effective!

You'll notice that there is nothing in this space that isn't functional or necessary. 

After: A dining room and bar with a twist

The dining room and bar area feature the same black and white tones that we've seen in the living room, while the touches of orange remain, enhancing different elements and designs. 

A bar area opens up onto the dining room, creating a beautifully open plan space that is interactive, stylish and savvy. The flooring underneath the dining room features large, white tiles while the flooring in the bar features patterns.

The light blue colour of the patterns matches the blue tinted glass underneath the bar, which adds some sophistication and elegance to the living space, which is compounded by the sleek black bar itself. 

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After: A bedroom for a rockstar

If we make our way into the bedroom, we come across a very unique design. The designers have gone for the same black and white tones that we've seen throughout the rest of the home but they've added some stylish twists. 

For starters, there's a gorgeous black and white piece of artwork that depicts a city skyline, which takes up the entire wall behind the bed. This is very stylish!

Secondly, there's a sleek and savvy flat screen television on the wall, which adds functionality and cutting-edge modernity to the room.

There are also plenty of wardrobes and closets in this space, ensuring that all personal items can be stored neatly out of sight. This is essential to a minimalist design! 

A 3D Birds Eye View

In this image, we can see how the designers created a 3D overview of what the newly renovated home would look like, ensuring that they made the absolute most of every square inch. 

This gives us a wonderful idea of how the home has been spaced out, with all of the rooms flowing into one another. We can see how the home isn't overtly large, but they've managed to make it look spacious and bright thanks to their expert organisation and design skills. 

A plan like this is a wonderful idea for any home building or renovation project, giving the home owners a clear idea of what the space will look like once the expert professionals are done with it. As we can see in this case, you wouldn't be disappointed!

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