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The Inspirational £60k Home

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Have you ever felt the urge to change your home only to discover that your finances will not let you? For a much lower cost than you might imagine you can purchase a brand new home from Spanish company Casas Cube, based in Galicia. With more than 40 construction industry professionals, the company offers a range of modular homes for the whole family, with lots of space and all the amenities you could dream of for less than £60,000! 

You can choose between two classes: Cube and Cube Basic, which offer varying amounts of space and luxury, while Cube Deco manufactures all of the furniture it supplies. Environmentally responsible and sustainable products, everything is manufactured in an artisanal way, as you would expect.

Enough talking, let's take a look at these amazing houses!

Back to basics

Here we see one of the amazingly dynamic and prototypal Cube Basic properties. With a footprint of 50 square metres it is generous but can also be specified with 36 or 75 square metres, depending on your needs and tastes. Contingent on the square metres purchased, the houses will include one to three bedrooms, plus a bathroom, kitchen and living room. It's also possible and easy to add additional modules, such as a garage, porch, storage space or even a pool, should your budget stretch to them.

For this model, the price is €24,900 plus a minimum transportation cost of €490 excl. VAT and the concrete for the foundations. This house has one bedroom and is perfect to enjoy free time in.

A little more extravagant

There are two Cube models, one of 100 and one of 150 square metres. The larger of the two homes is priced between €69,900 and €98,900 depending on the exchange rate and excluding transport costs, VAT and concrete foundations.

Such houses include large living spaces and can have up to four bedrooms, with the option to add the same modules as in the lower category. These magnificent homes also include the installation of lights and heating, with the added bonus that coating the properties in natural materials and filling them with the latest technologies allow for a much higher eco-efficiency than a conventional house. All are equipped with appliances, as well as electric shutters and are highly secure. Wow!

Detailed look

The exterior of this house is different from the Basic. While Basic models are presented with an exterior tile porcelain stoneware in a dark shade, the Cube models have their exterior façades covered with light marble in a matte and waterproof finish. Climalit double glazing with anti-breakage systems and efficient thermal insulation ensures aesthetics and safety work together in the home.

The example seen here is the smallest, with 100 square metres. It also has a covered terrace of 15 square metres, which allows residents to enjoy the outdoors away from direct sunlight and close to their new home.

Inside look

To be sure that a Cube home is for you, it's possible to visit model homes and take a tour to familiarise yourself with the standard layout.

Here we see a Cube offering a spacious living and dining room, which partly connects with the kitchen through a wall hatch. On the left is a wide corridor to other areas of the house, including bathrooms and bedrooms but a truly clever feature is relatively unnoticed. The floor is a floating floor (category AC5 , the most durable), which is imitation wood and designed to bring a touch of warmth to the minimalist interior that is mostly finished in white.

Functional spaces

As we approach the kitchen we can see how this space has been designed and built to the highest standards of quality and in true modern style.

Here the contrast of the white wooden worktop and wall tiles all help to bring personality and elegance to a pared back space, while the appliances, with brushed metal finishes, bring another element of contrast and high end chic. 

Perfectly formed

Here we are in a Cube Basic. Its smaller footprint means that considered thought needs to be given to the layout of rooms and furniture, meaning that the kitchen is completely open plan with the living room. Despite its lower cost, this modular home still bears a close resemblance to its sister versions and loses none of the quality. It just functions with added simplicity.

Prefabricated modular homes are a far more economical and durable alternative to conventional homes so why not consider them as a solution for homes of the future?

For more prefabricated inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: The Less Is More House.

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