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The astonishing renovation of a horrible home

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The stately and historic city of Krakow in Poland has attracted us today with its medieval architecture and quaint landscape. And it is here that we came across a small and drab studio apartment which needed to be converted into a cosy home that would attract tenants and buyers alike. Home stagers from Scenes Home undertook this challenge to give the abode a fresh appeal within a low budget. They played around with chirpy colours, simple home styling ideas, pretty lights and lively indoor plants for a charming metamorphosis. The home was also thoroughly de-cluttered and cleaned, and provision was made to usher in oodles of natural light for sufficient brightness. Let’s take a closer look now to understand how it was achieved…

Before: a dreary, boring bedroom

The old bedroom was an unattractive jumble of colours that did not harmonize in the least. The black-and-white patterned wall clashed with the dingy floor and furniture, and its beauty couldn’t be accentuated. The bed looked uncomfortable and the entire appearance of the room was jarring. This bedroom had a long way to go to provide comfort and relaxation!

After: cheerful elegance

What a dramatic change in the bedroom! The natural wood finish of the herringbone floor and aesthetically matching furniture, teamed with the new paintings and trendy new lights, give a bright, modern and tasteful look to the room. The monochromatic patterned wall has been retained but is now used wisely in the present décor, and adds a distinctive touch to the otherwise minimalistic style of the room. The bedside lamps lend a hint of elegance that goes well with the pristine simplicity of the bed, while the yellow and grey cushions bring in vibrancy. The loft has been converted into a lovely little nook for children, with a practical study area underneath it. And the slim shelving unit on the bed’s left caters to storage and displays knickknacks with equal ease.

After: fun children’s zone

The idea of converting the bedroom loft into a cosy space for children is sheer brilliance. Children love having a little nook of their own, and so the stagers turned the drab old loft into a comfortable and stylish retreat. The bright, fun cushions and patterned wall add colour, while the contemporary lamp on the floor gives the space a chic look.

Before: chaos in the kitchen

Look at all the disorder in the old kitchen! The architect’s first suggestion was to dispose of all the unnecessary clutter and retain only those objects that would work in harmony towards a bright and contemporary ambience. And the walls needed fresh paint too.

After: a beautiful, bright space

Getting rid of unnecessary items did indeed make a huge difference, as we can see in the new kitchen. In the revamped setting, the table looks attractive and perfect for a cosy meal. The pristine white walls and the large windows and the glass door lend the room a bright and airy look, while the stylish wooden furniture and potted plants add warmth and beauty.

Before: dull dining area

The dining area was unremarkable to look at and mediocre at best. The dirty and dark floor, the visually jarring tablecloth, and lack of ample light made the space appear gloomy and unwelcoming.

After: joyful dining

The herringbone floor we also saw in the new bedroom has been repeated in the dining area, producing a similarly bright effect. With the shabby tablecloth gone and a pretty floral arrangement in place, the dining table now looks cosy and stylish. The sofa has been moved near the large window – teamed with light curtains and a small glass-topped tea table, it now harmonizes with the décor perfectly. The room is now attractive and bright, and we marvel at the change that has been ushered in while retaining most of the old furniture.

This makeover is a wonderful example of how a few key elements like changing the flooring, removing clutter, adding trendy lights and plants – can turn a drab and dark house into a beautiful and comfortable home! Check out another before and after story for more ideas: The spectacular revamp of a dated apartment.

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