9 creative ways to add plants to your small home

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9 creative ways to add plants to your small home

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thuis aan de Amstel by studio Noun Eclectische gastronomie van studio Noun Eclectisch
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Here at homify we often speak about the importance of turning your house or apartment into a home. A home is a place to feel welcome, comfortable and secure, as well as ensure it is a suitable base for rest and relaxation. But how exactly does one transform their dwelling into a cosy, inviting and hospitable abode?

There are plenty of different explanations to this domestic conundrum, but one wonderful and simple solution involves the addition of greenery and plants. Not only do plants bring a friendly and engaging aesthetic into your domicile, they also have plenty of beneficial advantages. Firstly, foliage assists in removing toxins from your home’s air, while purifying it to enhance the atmosphere in your dwelling. Secondly, they help regulate humidity, imparting moisture where it is needed, and soaking it where it is not. And finally, plants, foliage assist in creating a calm environment, which contributes to a sense of well being and happiness.

Whether you boast a green thumb or not, you can still achieve a fantastically frondescent ambience in your home through the addition of greenery. Read on below to learn more!

1. Add a mini garden beyond the glass

If you have limited space but the luxury of a small outdoor area, one smart way to get some green into your life is to plant next to the window. This way you get a hit of foliage both inside and out, without compromising precious indoor space.

2. Plenty of bright blooms

Nothing beats the classic, reliable charm of a bright bunch of blooms. Head to your local florist and pick up a collection of coordinated flowers or greenery, and add to your home at will.

If you want to make life easier (and a little luxurious), sort out a regular delivery program with your florist to ensure your dwelling is always replete with enlivening buds and blossoms.

3. A Zen garden

Zen gardens are a great way to add a calm and welcoming aesthetic, while also imparting a zest for life and enjoyment. Naturally restful and relaxing, a Zen garden is sure to impress and work its magic upon your home’s occupants.

4. Hanging plants

thuis aan de Amstel by studio Noun Eclectische gastronomie van studio Noun Eclectisch
studio Noun

thuis aan de Amstel by studio Noun

studio Noun

Hanging plants are brilliant if you lack surface space, or simply want to keep your home feeling open and airy. Choose interesting hangers, pick some hardy indoor plant varieties, and let the greenery do the talking.

5. The green wall

Green walls have been in and around the décor-sphere for many years now, but they never disappoint. Available in a range of different designs and stylistic options, a green wall is limited only by your imagination!

We adore this bedroom that maximises its space and sense of roominess with a luxuriously large vertical garden. 

6. A decorative corner

Find that dull corner in your dwelling and add some plants to give it a fresh lease on life! If you need assistance in doing this, you can find a range of expert advice via the homify website here.

7. A feature plant

Want to make a statement within your abode? Check out a statement plant to bring vivaciousness into your room, while also imparting energy and life. For added design nous, plant your greenery in a gorgeous and eye-catching planter to further enhance your indoor space.

8. Window ledge decorations

ferm LIVING Image Photos van ferm LIVING Scandinavisch

ferm LIVING Image Photos


Window ledges are perfect as they provide enough light to keep your houseplant alive. Set your weekend up for a little DIY action, and get creative with your placement and foliage arrangements.

9. An indoor forest

Lushful plants Tropische woonkamers van Levenssfeer Tropisch

Lushful plants


Have you heard of a jungalow? Essentially the combination of a jungle and a bungalow, it’s the commonplace term for a home that boasts a wide range of plants.

Transform your home with an array of different plants, and watch your interior space come alive with colour and verve.

We hope our Ideabook inspired you to add a little greenery to your home. If you would like some more domestic inspiration, check out: 9 ways to cleverly organise your balcony

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