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Before and After: 5 Renovations to Copy

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It's all very well seeing a plethora of amazing rooms, but you need to know how those spaces started out to really get inspired. We understand that totally, so sought out five amazing home improvement projects to show you today.

You won't believe how some of these started out, or what they became, but what is clear is that there are some amazing home builders out there and some clients with incredible vision.

Prepare to be inspired!

1. Before: Where are the walls?

Well, at least you can't say we didn't show you exactly how this home started out!

Walls have clearly been knocked out, moved and freshly laid, but what it became is so amazing that you'll be tempted for some large scale building works too.

1. After: A spectacular scene

What did we tell you? Is this not now a truly beautiful open plan kitchen / living / dining room area?

That curved wall is an absolute triumph and has sought to set this apartment apart. It's now so chic and contemporary in here that it made all the construction worthwhile.

2. Before: Oh dear!

Cramped, outdated and horrifically decorated, these separate kitchen and dining room spaces were utterly awful and helped to shrink the overall feel of the property no end.

We can't even see any usable worktop in that kitchen, so how did the residents cook?

2. After: Oh, wow!

We are huge fans of knocking out walls to create wide open, pretty spaces and in this case, it was the only option.

The wood flooring, white kitchen and chic bistro dining set is as far from what was in place before as it's possible to get.

3. Before: Rip it up and start again

We can't comment on décor or styling as there isn't any here, but clearly the proportions of this room have given birth to a dramatic overhaul and inspiration has been found from somewhere. 

We don't know where though!

3. After: That can't be the same room?!

With a commitment to making the most of the stunning views out into the garden, this newly transformed room has astounded even us.

Light, airy and boasting an easy sophistication, we can't reconcile this in our minds as the same space. That retro furniture is also delightful.

4. Before: Call in the wrecking ball

Is there any point trying to see where the room is?

Far from being a usable or functional corridor, this is nothing more than a death trap of a building site. We wouldn't even care where this leads to, as we'd be able to live without visiting the room!

4. After: Try and keep us away

It never fails to astonish us what a huge difference some contemporary kitchen cabinets and deluxe wooden flooring can make.

How can a space that barely had a floor or walls become this?

Perhaps our tired kitchens aren't beyond saving after all!

5. Before: Small and pokey

The worst thing you can do in a small property is let it fall into ruin, as a shabby finish will simply highlight how little space there is and what a state it looks.

You don't have to opt for a perfect revamp but shabby is not acceptable!

5. After: The kitchen / dining area

Isn't there a tangible connection to how this space felt before? The strange thing is that it looks so chic now! 

The pseudo-industrial vibes really suit the room and the handmade look of the furniture highlights the simplicity that has been kept as the underlying theme. Less really can be more!

5. After: The bedroom

Here we have the bedroom. 

Isn't it much better to have a separation of spaces this way? 

Now these residents can rest while guests occupy the other areas.

5. The floor plan

We leave you with the floor plan of this home. 

Here we can see the three parallel sections, one for the kitchen and common room, and the remaining two for separate bedrooms.

For more before and after inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Building a Family's Dream Home.

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