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This home in vibrant and culturally rich Zapopan shows us how a large hillside estate can turn on its opulent charm with the strong backing of all things modern. The creative architects at Excelencia En Diseno have created a look for Residencia Lopez that resonates with the tall order of living well, and makes the most of sprawling space without cluttering it. The luxury villa shines like a white jewel amidst green hills and is replete with cosy but minimalistic charm. Dotted with earthy textures and oozing with the goodness of white hues, this palatial residence redefines simplicity with elegant designs. So come and take a closer look to know more!

Set on a Hilltop: The Façade

The villa looms large and clear from its perch on a stone table top, surrounded as it is by hills that are typical to this part of town. The white structure is as playful as the rolling hills around it and brings in lines and curves with a variety of dips and slants as well as arches, for an expansive modern castle-like feel. The softly glowing interior lights filter through the nooks and crannies of the facade and add to its jewel-like enchantment.

Glorious Outdoor Seating

The bright Mexican sunshine beckons as you look for seating outdoors, which this home has plenty of! The rattan sofa set with plush cream upholstery and the loungers at the various nooks and corners around the home give you plenty reason to enjoy the bright verdant looks of the estate. We also love the simple but elegant manner in which this curvy terrace enhances the structural beauty of the home.

Stone Elements in the Entryway

The entryway of the home is a solid structure that reminds you of chalets sitting serenely and stoically in the countryside of Europe. The heavy frame of the door does not merely have beams of wood, but seems to be carved from a solid hunk of wood while the stone tiles on the sides and in the alcove render an earthy and mysterious appeal.

Surprisingly Modern Charm in the Living Room

Once you enter the living room, you will be surprised at the modern elements of the home. With large sunny glass windows on one side and gleaming marble floors, white is the mainstay of the living room. A dark angular shelf at one end lends a monochrome look with its blackness, while the trio of wide pillars acts like a subtle screen between the formal and casual living areas. Luxuriously plush sofas offer cosy seating aplenty.

Rustic Touch in the Dining Room

The dining room of the home features classic colours like brown and cream, as well as a stone wall that exudes rusticity and sets a sophisticated tone in this space. The dining arrangement is a sleek and simple affair, which reinforces the minimal charm of the home.

The Futuristic Kitchen

The kitchen will take you straight to a movie set from the future with its sleek cream, shiny chrome and classy glass contours. Largesse seems to be the name of the game as the large open kitchen houses various areas for various tasks. The fashionable high chairs and glossy modern appliances take the style quotient of the space up a notch.

Sensuous Staircase

The sensuously winding staircase seems to go right into the clouds – such is the scale of this piece. With beautifully recessed lighting livening up each stair and the crisp white railings with a black undertone, this elegant staircase creates a wonderfully opulent look.

This lavish mansion in Mexico is a charmer with its abundance of gleaming white tones, sleek and minimalistic designs, modish furnishing, and ample scope for luxurious and nature-friendly living. Take another tour for more ideas - A Beautiful Home in a Stunning Landscape.

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