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The essence of a hotel room is that it offers you the comfort of a great bed away from home. Designer Roos Soetekouw took the mattress as her inspiration and turned it inside our, dissecting it into it’s vulgar parts and from there looking for the sheer beauty and strength of the materials to dress two rooms. Mattress Room Original is wearing a highly functional winter coat put together of the three rather masculine materials found inside a typical box spring mattress: the 3D fabric of iron bedsprings, the non woven recycled textile padding and the foam layers in which a pattern – inspired by the glue stains on the original mattress – has been burned out by laser.

The young designer’s desire to literally get inside the mattress also led her to develop a Gobelin or Damast like fabric in which she upholstered another room using a meticulous traditional lathing technique. The precious fabric is custom woven by the Textile 5 Museum Tilburg in two different color schemes using an experimental mix of yarns such as paper yarn, viscose, cotton, mohair and gold Lurex. Mattress Room de Luxe is nobly dressed in the wintery white variety.

Credits: Photography by Mirjam Bleeker
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