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Bunker in Vuren (The Netherlands) Landelijke huizen van B-ILD Architects Landelijk
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Bunker in Vuren (The Netherlands) Landelijke huizen van B-ILD Architects Landelijk
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Bunker in Vuren (The Netherlands) Landelijke huizen van B-ILD Architects Landelijk


The project was part of an advertising campaign for the office Famous. A dilapidated

bunker was transformed into a holiday home allowing two families to win this bunker

as a temporary holiday retreat. Due to the success of the refurbishment, it was

decided to keep the bunker permanently open for accommodation. The half-buried

bunker lies on the site of the Fort Vuren in the Netherlands in a green surrounding.

This site was part of the ‘Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie’. The building was protected

and had to be approached with due respect. The Dutch Commission for Monuments

has taken the project to heart and supported it.


The conversion of a derelict bunker with a very restricted surface demands an

original approach. Since the usable surface of the main room measures 3 by 3m with

a height of just 1.8m, only the bare essentials for a family holiday could be added.

Taking inspiration from ‘Le Cabanon’ by Le Corbusier, flexible wooden furnishing

was conceived to maximize the potential of the interior space. The main room

functions as a living room as well as a bedroom. None of the carpentry is standard -

everything is custom-made allowing us to optimally use the space. All furniture can

fold or slide away or be pushed up and down. Therefore all objects have a double

function. Stools are used as a bedside table, a coffee table or a step. To contrast with

the hard and monolithic character we chose to work with materials such as meranti

plywood. Recesses in the concrete were used to their full potential to accommodate

a kitchen of storage space.


The limited surface of the bunker was extended with an outdoor deck. The deck can

accommodate activities such as cooking, sitting, sunbathing and storage. The

perimeter of the deck is an exact copy of the outer circumference of the bunker

making all the more obvious how much area is lost in the thickness of the monolithic

concrete walls. From the deck you get a panoramic view of the surroundings. The

contrasts between the two areas are mutually reinforcing. The platform is made up of

wooden boards, which are identical in type and size as the formwork that was

originally used to construct the concrete walls of the bunker. This print can still

clearly be seen on the walls.


Project name: Bunker

Architect: B-ILD

Client: Famous

Total floor Area: 11,4 m2

Principal architects: Kelly Hendriks & Bruno Despierre

Contractor: Bouwbedrijf Den Toom Heikop

Location: Vuren, the Netherlands

Phase: completed spring 2014

Photography: Tim Van de Velde

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