Pieces of π: moderne Woonkamer door Dik Scheepers
Pieces of π: moderne Woonkamer door Dik Scheepers
Pieces of π: moderne Woonkamer door Dik Scheepers

A lot of products seem to perfectly made to me. There like computer renderings, but the world surrounding me isn’t that perfect.

Products, which show how they are been made or give away small hints are far more interesting.  It tells something about the product and its history.

The same goes for slib casting. When a mold exist out of two parts or more a seam will show at the place where the two parts meet and that I find intriguing.

I looked at the ceramic industry and watched how ceramics normally are been produced. It is a time consuming process where a lot of skills are needed to make the perfect mold. I wondered if things couldn’t be easier and started  experimenting.

The way I am making a product is a lot faster. Normally many  positive and negative prototypes and molds are been made before taking it into production. By skipping this part and directly start  working in pieces of pie made out of plaster I save a lot of work and time. After a while it becomes even possible to interchange different molds, so new products can evolve.

I do not think it is necessary to make the perfect mold. I accept the mistakes, which are normally not wanted. These mistakes become a characteristic of the product and tell a lot about its processing.  They make the product even more beautiful.

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